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Five sites that should support OpenID

22nd Mar 2007

OpenStreetMap and both pose an interesting problem in that as well as a web application they also use desktop apps. In OpenStreetMap's case their editors like JOSM need to authenticate against the REST-based API, and in's case the Audioscrobbler plugin needs to authenticate with the server when it reports what tracks you're listening to. That something is hard doesn't mean it's not worth doing, though!


  • (no subject) by David Recordon at 07:04 pm on 22nd Mar 2007
  • (comment with no subject) will be supporting OpenID sooner or later too. Let's say it's on the list - closer to the top than to the bottom. :)
    By an anonymous poster at 12:37 am on 23rd Mar 2007
  • Yeah, would be great!

    I love, and the problem with non-web applications was the first one that came to my mind when I read about openid. Let's see if there will be a usable solution to this...
    By ext_37933 at 07:25 am on 23rd Mar 2007
    • Just an idea...

      Well, this is just an idea about how to overcome this problem... How about writing an openid server that has a backend to which I can connect, maybe jabber backend or something like that? This way I can use an applet that connects to the backend and notifies me with a popup when someone (hopefully myself) wants to get authenticated.
      By ext_37933 at 11:17 am on 23rd Mar 2007
  • is toying with the idea

    We like the tech and are thinking about it :)
    By ext_38260 at 10:56 am on 26th Mar 2007