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    The problem with having multiple identities is the need for remembering which identity you use where. If they are catered by a single provider, an identity previously used for the realm should probably get automagically selected...
    By Dmitry Shechtman at 08:20 pm on 9th Mar 2007
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      That is the purpose of the directed identity feature: you tell the RP the URL of your OP, and then the OP helps you select an appropriate identifier.

      They do all have to be at the same provider, of course. If you've got them across multiple providers, this is less of an issue anyway since you can stay logged in to them all.

      By Martin Atkins at 09:03 pm on 9th Mar 2007
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        Actually, you don't need the directed whatever thingy. You could simply examine return_to.

        Multiple providers are worse, because you have to remember which provider you used on which RP.

        I say stick to a single good provider (hypothetical for now) and let it do the remembering job.
        By Dmitry Shechtman at 12:30 am on 10th Mar 2007
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          Of course, for privacy purposes a “good” provider is one that has a sufficiently large userbase that you can't be identified as the same user by correlation.

          By Martin Atkins at 12:47 am on 10th Mar 2007