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9th Nov 2006

Hello, socioblogafolksonopheragon! I'm Martin Atkins!

So yes, I now have a blog. Who am I? I guess I'd describe myself as a software developer and a tech enthusiast. Currently I'm enthusing about OpenID, which is a technology for decentralized authentication and identity. Previously I have enthused about Jabber/XMPP, Atom, and other neat technologies.

I'm a fan of little things that solve one problem well but can be combined with others to solve big problems. I spend lots of time hatching evil schemes to take over the world with simple, open and decentralised technologies. I also can't decide whether decentralized should be spelled with a Z or an S, but I'm over it.

I've also contributed to several open source projects over the years. Projects with my name buried somewhere in the credits include LiveJournal, Fotobilder, S2, DJabberd and several other little things you probably won't have heard of.