Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in apparentlymart,
Martin Atkins

Money Where Mouth Is

Sam Ruby quite fairly called me out for hating on folks that publish RSS while doing it myself. The reason is quite unexciting, though: my blog is, for historical reasons, hosted by LiveJournal. LiveJournal provides Atom and RSS feeds for all blogs it hosts.

However, I'm already doing a bunch of munging of LiveJournal's output to do things like using TypePad Connect for comments, so it didn't take long to munge out the RSS stuff. While I was at it I finally got shot of all of the script and CSS cruft that LiveJournal adds to every page to support ads, contextual popups, navigation strips and all sorts of other things that I don't have on my blog anyway.

The long-term plan is to move from LiveJournal to something else — either MovableType or TypePad most likely — but I'm putting that off until I can figure out a way to keep all of my old content appearing at the same URLs with the same comments attached.


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