Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in apparentlymart,
Martin Atkins

Cool Tech in 2006

Here's a quick retrospective of some of the things I've been involved in or just interested in this year:

  • I was quite interested in Archiveopteryx, a database-driven IMAP server. However, I never actually got it working. I should have another go. I continue to generally hate email and mailing lists.
  • I've been following and occasionally contributing to various OpenID specs this year, and it seems to be gaining popularity. However, I've not been able to keep up the level of involvement I kept early on due to time constraints.
  • Brad Fitzpatrick released DJabberd, which started off as a XMPP server framework but has grown into a perfectly usable standalone server. I now use it for my personal Jabber server.
  • I continue to look forward to LINQ from Microsoft Research, which will hopefully allow me to finally remove raw SQL strings from my source code. I don't use Microsoft.NET stuff very often, but I'm hoping that once it's out there everyone else will copy it!
Tags: djabberd, email, jabber, meta, openid

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