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    Hi Jorgen,

    I think I was mistaken about the Windows Live ID OP. I must confess that I only experimented with it briefly and I may have made an error when I was testing.

    I notice that the directed identity endpoint declares openid2.provider in its HTML, which is not supposed to be declared for a directed identity endpoint. The endpoint is, however, using the Accept header to trigger sending back an XRDS document with the correct information in it, so I think perhaps this was the source of my confusion. Having tried it again now I see that it does work as expected.

    I apologise for posting misleading information. It may be worth considering removing the element from the HTML produced at that endpoint when no Accept header is sent; while no compliant OpenID 2.0 RP should see it, it is a little confusing to humans like me.

    (As a side note, I assume by the fact that you've managed to comment with your identifer that LiveJournal has upgraded their RP to support OpenID 2.0, which is good news. My blog only supporting 1.1 was a bit embarassing. ;))

    By Martin Atkins at 09:55 pm on 28th Oct 2008