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Google's Browser

2nd Sep 2008

It looks like Google is going to have a go at making a browser that doesn't suck, in the form of Google Chrome. Amongst other things, it's based on WebKit but has a new, optimized JavaScript engine. It seems to pilfer the best bits from Opera and Firefox and meld them with some other good ideas to make something that looks pretty damn interesting and will be open source to boot. Is there room in the browser market for another competitor, though?

I'm looking forward to a version that runs on Linux so that I can actually try it. It seems that the initial version will support only Windows, which is a shame but is understandable. Presumably if Google doesn't make it work on Linux then someone else will.


  • OpenID

    Any word on built-in support for OpenID?
    By ext_29013 at 04:58 pm on 3rd Sep 2008
    • Re: OpenID

      I've not heard anything about that, positive or negative. I think the community's still figuring out what form OpenID support in the browser would take, with VeriSign's OpenID Seatbelt and a work-in-progress plugin from Vidoop currently being the best examples. Hopefully once the user experience and the approach has been figured out in a browser extension it'll be more attractive for browser developers to integrate as a core feature.

      By Martin Atkins at 08:21 pm on 3rd Sep 2008