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    rel="attended-event", rel="member-of", rel="hosted-event"
    By ianhickson at 11:50 pm on 20th Jul 2008
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      x is a attended-event of y. Okay.

      x is a hosted-event of y. Okay.

      Not so sure about "x is a member-of of y", though. joined-group would I guess br consistent with these other ones, though it seems limited to the sorts of groups you join.

      By Martin Atkins at 07:29 am on 21st Jul 2008
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        In general, it's easier to come up with values if there's a specific use case in mind. I was just guessing with those values, knowing the context one can probably come up with better (and more concise) names.
        By ianhickson at 04:31 pm on 21st Jul 2008