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OpenID with InfoCard

3rd Dec 2007

Kim Cameron has posted an entry which shows the flow of OpenID login to Blogger with Microsoft's InfoCard implementation. I'm sure this is old news, but I'd not actually seen this before; it certainly looks quite slick.


  • Actually, it's new news

    I had seen some of the early beta of and some early beta of openid sites, but nothing had "really worked" during the beta stage. But now it all works beautifully, and as we continue to work together I can see it getting even better.
    By ext_72721 at 05:46 pm on 6th Dec 2007
  • Wow. That just worked great too

    Gee - do I need to rub my eyes? Everything worked flawlessly posting that comment too. This really is exciting.
    By ext_72721 at 05:48 pm on 6th Dec 2007
    • Re: Wow. That just worked great too

      I'm glad to hear that it works here, since this is LiveJournal's crusty old OpenID 1.1 implementation that hasn't got any developer love in years.

      I think my favourite thing about OpenID is the fact that it allows people to experiment with new authentication schemes like InfoCard without having to get the whole world to change at once. Hopefully it won't be long before passwords will be one of those "how did they ever live like that?" things.

      By Martin Atkins at 06:33 pm on 6th Dec 2007