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Not at IIW

29th Nov 2007

Sadly I'm going to miss this IIW due to work commitments. I enjoyed attending the last IIW in May, which was my first. If the OpenID Foundation meets its goals this IIW should be a landmark in that the foundation's IPR policy and processes will be finally signed off and finalized. This and other legal issues have been on the go since well before the last IIW, so it'll be nice to finally get these out.

Looking back to May's IIW, I recall a rather heated session in which us OpenID folks were called out for dragging out the release of OpenID 2.0 and not just publishing it, already. Eight months on, there have been some changes based on mailing list discussions and the productive meetings that were had at IIW among the spec authors and other interested parties. The spec is still not final, however. Now that the specification's development is under the perview of the Foundation it is unfortunately blocked on several legal issues including the finalization of the aforementioned IPR documents, so getting those finalized will hopefully allow 2.0 final to be released after well over a year of development. With all of the IPR ducks in a row, it makes it much safer for larger organisations to work with the OpenID technologies.

I'll be watching for blog posts during the course of IIW to try to keep an eye on what's going on. Here's hoping it's a productive one.